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Luxury bungalow tents

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Bungalow tents

The real camping

You'll onlly get the real camping feeling in a tent. But not all the tents are the same. We won't go into detail about small tents, but anyone who has ever experienced the bungalow tent, knows which they prefer.


Comfortable proper beds

Inflating your airbed before sleeping is history. In the bedrooms you'll find real beds. The size of the beds are long, as the length of the double bed and both single beds are 1.90 m. The 2 pullout beds are 1.80 m long. The beds have a sturdy sprung base with a double lateral support and a well-ventilated foam mattress. Sheets and blankets can be hired in advance or upon arrival on site. You should bring along your own blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases.  


New or nearly new

All tents are of the best quality and are regularly checked to keep them in top condition. Every year the tents are checked and if necessary will be provided with new interiors and canvases, to ensure that our level of quality is maintained.
Iris Parc has developed this type of tent that is so much bigger than a normal family tent. You can stand upright inside and the floor area is approximately 25m2. With so much space there's no chance that you'll feel cooped up.

Own garden furniture

When camping you'll spend most of your time outside. The Ottawa bungalow tent has 6 garden chairs and 2 loungers. The Navajo bungalow tent has 6 chairs (2 of which are reclining). All bungalow tents have that all-important coloured parasol.

Electricity just like home

No hassle with extension leads. Your tent is well lit and has a domestic size fridge. Plus there are extra sockets for extra appliances like a clock radio. Above all safety is the main thing. Every bungalow tent has an automatic fuse and an earth switch.

Complete kitchen

There's everything you'll need in the kitchen; 3 burner hob (Navajo) or 4 burner hob (Ottawa), fridge (Ottawa with freezer). Plus there is cutlery, plates, glasses, cookware and a complete set of pans. We haven't forgotten a clothes airer and a waste bin either. There's also lighting in the tent. All the little indispensable things are there too, such as a can opener and corkscrew!

Luxury Navajo tent

Suitable for 4 adults and 2 children

The fully equipped Navajo bungalow tent has been Vacansoleil's lowest priced unit of accommodation for decades. And it still is. However a low price doesn't mean less comfort. The Navajo is built from sustainable materials and the interior is very modern. Comfortable camping doesn't have to be expensive at all.

You can find the Navajo tent on all Iris Parc campsites


Specific details​

  • Floor area of around 5 x 5 meter
  • Suitable for a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children
  • Leefruimte met keuken en zitgedeelte
  • Sleeping area with double bed plus a large sleeping area which can be divided into two, each area having 2 single beds
  • Complete kitchen with 3 burner hob, fridge and electricity
  • Garden furniture: 2 garden tables, 4 bucket seats, 2 adjustable chairs, parasol.
  • Important: you must take your own blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases


Luxury Ottawa tent

Suitable for 4 adults and 2 children

The same surface area as the Navajo, but with more space because of the upright and higher walls. The robust aluminium frame is set on a level wooden floor. Perfect for campsites with uneven or soft soil. Plus, the floor provides a stable base which is easy to clean. It keep dry too because the floor is 15cm high and so keeps any rain water outside.

You can find the Ottawa tent on campsites
Le Chêne Gris , Le Grand Dague , Le Château de Galaure  and Birkelt


Specific details​

  • Floor area of around 5 x 5 meter
  • Suitable for a maximum of 4 adults and 2 children
  • Flat, adjustable wooden floor
  • Sleeping compartment with a double bed
  • Option of four sleeping compartments with 6 beds
  • Complete kitchen with 4 burner hob, fridge freezer and electricity
  • Furniture: 2 garden tables, 6 plastic chairs, 2 reclining chairs, parasol
  • Important: you must take your own blankets, sheets, pillows and pillowcases