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Camping Le Château de Galaure

Do you choose to holiday on a camping in the Drôme? Then you choose to camp in one of the most beautiful regions of France. The area where the Ardeche, Provence and the French Alps meet embraces  history, nature and haute cuisine. Romantic lavender fields, acres of vineyards, impressive castles... the Drôme has it all.


A camping holiday in the Drôme
The Drôme, a province in the region Rhône-Alpes, is located in the eastern part of France. From your campsite in the Drôme you can enjoy lots of trips. From cultural to culinary trips, from nature at its best to being active and sporty.


Camping Le Château de Galaure

Provencal Drôme

This region to the south of the Drôme, full of sunshine and lavender fields, is real tourist attraction. Fields filled with corn and scented lavender, charming mountain villages and olive groves colour the landscape of the Provencal Drôme into soft shades of yellow, green and purple. It's so easy to lose your heart to this region.





Vercors Regional Nature reserve

Mother earth at her best! The Vercors is an astonishing mountain area with forests, limestone rocks, valleys, caves and ravines. During the winter this Regional Nature reserve is popular with skiers and nordic skiers. In summer there are mostly walkers who can choose from almost 3000 kilometers of beautiful walking trails.


Camping Le Château de Galaure

Palais Idéal in Hauterives
If you send a postcard from the camping in the Drôme, choose one showing a picture of the Palais Idéal. This wonderful palace in Hauterives was built by...the local postman! He build his dream palace from rocks that he collected during his daily post rounds. The building work took 33 years in total. In 1969 Palais Idéal was placed on the national monuments list. Hauterives is located north-east from Châteauneuf-de-Galaure, on the D51. Definitely worth visiting!

Lyon, culinary city with history
Lyon is, after Paris and Marseille, the third largest city in France. It's fantastic. The medieval centre is a big attraction and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1998. Take the steps (or the cablecar) to the white basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière and enjoy the view. And did you know that Lyon is a synonym for haute cuisine? Lyon is home to the most star-restaurants in France!



Mirmande, the most beautiful village in France?
A charming village in the Drôme with – according to a professional jury - the most beautiful roofs in France. However, in Mirmande you might even be in the most beautiful village in France. The many artists that have settled here throughout the years think so. Maybe they are right. The winding streets and the interesting house facades honour the medieval character of Mirmande. If you fall in love with this dreamy village, you should also visit Tournon sur Rhône, Saint Antoine l'AbbayeLe Poët-Laval and Montbrun-les-Bains. Typical of the Drôme! Don't forget to bring your camera.

Montélimar, city of nougat
Honey, vanilla, almonds, pistachio, protein and sugar are the ingredients of the speciality of Montélimar; nougat. In this wonderful city you will find many nougat factories, shops seling this delicacy and a museum about it in the Avenue du Gournier.

The Valrhona's chocolate factory
Mmm chocolate...Kids just love it! The famous chocolate manufacturer Valrhona’s has a real chocolate factory. Tasting, smelling and taking part in workshops are all possible at La Cité du Chocolat in Tain l’Hermitage. You can almost smell the amazing aroma of cacao from the campsite. It's only a 25 minute drive away!


Camping Le Château de Galaure

Cycling in the Drôme

Fanatic cycling tourists, road cyclists and mountain bikers, they can all have the time of their lives in the Drôme. Cyclists from the first categroy may challenge themselves to climbing Mont Ventoux – an infamous mountain with illustrious nicknames like the Provencal Giant and the Bold Mountain. It's well-kown from the Tour de France. But the quiet small roads and the gently sloping valley of the Drôme are also suited to more relaxed cycling trips. Nearby our campsite are the best and most beautiful cycling trails. With as many as 3000 kilometers of adventurous trails, ATB-cyclists can also prepare themselves for some serious cycling. 

Rafting on the Drôme

If the water level is high enough, the Drôme can offer you some great rafting. The Drôme is named after the river of the same name, which rises in the Alps and flows into the Rhône. The river is always popular with canoeists and kayakers but, if the melting water and rainwater from the Alps flows into lower areas during springtime, the Drôme will display a much wilder character. More information about these thrilling excursions is available at the camping. At our camping in the Drôme you will be guided by experienced professionals!




Hot air balloon centre in Annonay

The first weekend of June is the perfect time to visit the historical city of Annonay. Every year a big hot air balloon festival is organised here. And not without reason. Annonay was where the brothers Montgolfièr were born, the inventors of the hot air balloon. On the 5 June 1783 they made their first flight: a flight of almost 2 kilometers, which lasted 10 minutes. During the festival, this historical event is remembered. The highlight is the maiden flight of a replica of the Montgolfièr-balloon on Sunday morning. If you can't get there in June, the Montgolfièr museum is open throughout the year!


The river Drôme is very suited to canoe trips, for both beginners and advanced. There is a choice of several trails, starting at 3km long and up to 45km! Take your time, make stops for a picnic, a swim or for fishing – you have all day.


Camping Le Château de Galaure

Parc Oasis Aventura

Just a 15 minute drive from camping Le Château de Galaure will take you to Parc Oasis Aventura; a great adventure park for the whole family, starting from age 5. Enjoy an exciting tree climbing trail, or become a real 'zorbonaut' (a thrilling descent in a  plastic ball). Between these activities you can picnic and the kids can enjoy themselves in the labyrinth and on the trampoline. 

Vélorail Ardèche

With a special railbike you step on a 12 kilometer long, historical railway track that dates back to 1891! The railway track, which is carved out of rock walls, will lead you over bridges and viaducts and through old tunnels. An exciting, active and instructive day for all ages. The bicycles can accommodate families of up to 5 peeople. We would advise you to make reservations in advance; this can be done at the reception. 




Crocodile farm in Pierrelatte

More than 400 species of crocodiles and gigantic land turtles in a tropical glass house. This is your chance to see these intriguing animals close up. Your visit will also support the scientific research and the protection program of the crocodiles.

Butterfly garden and Bird park

The butterfly garden in the city Die is a nice trip for kids. For instance, your children can admire the world's biggest butterfly in Jardin des Découvertes! South of Valence, Jardin aux Oiseaux is also recommended. This bird park (with an exciting bird of prey show!) is located in Upie.


Camping Le Château de Galaure

Le Palais Idéal
It took a very long 30 years for the French postman Ferdinand Cheval to build the Palais Idéal. During his daily rounds delivering mail he collected rocks and other materials to realise his dream project. His neighbours thought he was weird and said he was crazy. You can visit this special building that is now a national monument!

Aquarium des Tropiques
A total of 27 aquariums filled with 50.000 litres of water and hundreds of tropical fish. Your visit to the Aquarium des Tropiques will teach you everything there is to know about fish. What can they feel? How do they breathe under water? You'll find out here. Your new-found knowledge is sure to impress your friends! Plus there's a collection insects, shells and framed butterflies on display.



Safari de Peaugres
On safari in France? Why not! Head for the Safari de Peaugres park where you can meet over 900 animals. Either take your own car into the park or use the park bus to go on safari through Africa, North America and Asia. Did I just see a bear pass by? Yes, that can happen! Visit the monkey centre on foot and meet lions and tigers eye to eye too. The park is a half hour drive from the camping.

A true adventure park at less than a half hour drive from the camping, you'll be there in no time. Climb in the treetops and undertake challenges high in the sky (if you dare). What sort of challenges? Well, things like ropemanship, zip-lining or swinging on trapezes and vines are just a few examples. Younger brothers and sisters will also have a great time in the nice forest playground.

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