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Cycling with children in France


Going cycling with the kids in France? Then take note! Children under 12 must wear a helmet. This applies to both children cycling themselves and kids sitting on the back of a bike as a passenger. So don’t forget to make the kids wear a helmet. It’ll save you  135 euros in fines!

Sun loungers for everyone! 

handdoekjes leggen


Putting your towel on your lounger early in the morning? So you can save your spot by the pool for the rest of the day?  At the Iris Parc campsites, it’s not permitted to reserve your lounger. To prevent this from happening we have drawn up the following rules: 

  • When you leave the pool area and adjoining terrace, it is not permitted to leave a towel ( or other items) on a lounger or deck chair 
  • It is not permitted to reserve a chair or lounger for another person.
  • Staff can remove towels without permission. (or on request.)  

There are more than enough sun loungers around the swimming pools and everyone can use them. If we stick to these rules, we can all enjoy the swimming pool and the sun. Have fun!

Drôme: Known as the orchard of France


Fancy healthy eating during your holiday stay? It's easier said than done right? Well in the Drôme region healthy eating is really easy. The region is known for its top class agricultural produce and organic fruits. You'll find fruit everywhere from colourful markets to roadside stalls. Discover delicious fresh produce direct from the land. In June and July you can enjoy seasonal fruits such as cherries, apricots and peaches. You can also try local tasty melons and later in the season wonderful apples and pears. And that's not all there’s plenty of fresh tomatoes, zucchini, green beans and much more to be had!

The regional markets are a haven for all sorts of goodies for you to enjoy. The local market stalls are waiting to be discovered. On Wednesdays you can visit the market in Chateauneuf de Galaure and on Tuesdays the market in Hauterives.