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Outdoor Activities in the Drôme

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Outdoor activities at campsite Le Château de Galaure

Camping Le Château de Galaure

Cycling in the Drôme

Fanatic cycling tourists, road cyclists and mountain bikers, they can all have the time of their lives in the Drôme. Cyclists from the first categroy may challenge themselves to climbing Mont Ventoux – an infamous mountain with illustrious nicknames like the Provencal Giant and the Bold Mountain. It's well-kown from the Tour de France. But the quiet small roads and the gently sloping valley of the Drôme are also suited to more relaxed cycling trips. Nearby our campsite are the best and most beautiful cycling trails. With as many as 3000 kilometers of adventurous trails, ATB-cyclists can also prepare themselves for some serious cycling. 

Rafting on the Drôme

If the water level is high enough, the Drôme can offer you some great rafting. The Drôme is named after the river of the same name, which rises in the Alps and flows into the Rhône. The river is always popular with canoeists and kayakers but, if the melting water and rainwater from the Alps flows into lower areas during springtime, the Drôme will display a much wilder character. More information about these thrilling excursions is available at the camping. At our camping in the Drôme you will be guided by experienced professionals!

Hot air balloon centre in Annonay

The first weekend of June is the perfect time to visit the historical city of Annonay. Every year a big hot air balloon festival is organised here. And not without reason. Annonay was where the brothers Montgolfièr were born, the inventors of the hot air balloon. On the 5 June 1783 they made their first flight: a flight of almost 2 kilometers, which lasted 10 minutes. During the festival, this historical event is remembered. The highlight is the maiden flight of a replica of the Montgolfièr-balloon on Sunday morning. If you can't get there in June, the Montgolfièr museum is open throughout the year!


The river Drôme is very suited to canoe trips, for both beginners and advanced. There is a choice of several trails, starting at 3km long and up to 45km! Take your time, make stops for a picnic, a swim or for fishing – you have all day. The canoe trip starts in Saillans and takes about 2,5 hours. Price: Child under 18 years old : € 18, Adult : € 23,50



Discover the area around the campsite by a hiking with a guide. The guide will show you the village, the monastery of Charrière and the river La Galaure. Price: free​

Pony ride

Small children can have a guided pony ride. Price: €5 for 10 minutes​

Highropes tree trail

Rope bridges will take you to the tree trail. Then experience the trapeze, the girder bridge and the variation bridge as you complete the trail. Price: Child (to 15 years old) : € 14, Junior (from 16 to 21 years old) : € 16, Adult : € 21

Hiking in the Vercors mountains

During this day's hike with a guide you will discover the mountains in Vercors. You will stop for a picnic en route.
Price: free​

Horse riding

A ride on horseback through the beautiful countryside. The trip is guided and takes about one hour.  Price: €18 per person​


Be ready to be a bit adventurous with this activity! A combination of hiking, climbing, jumping, swimming and abseiling. Price: €30 per person​


All the activities can be booked at the reception