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Outdoor Activities near Paris

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Outdoor activities at campsite Le Chêne Gris

Camping Le Chêne Gris


Just a short distance from campsite Le Chêne Gris, golf fanatics can really enjoy themselves. The course of Crécy Golf offers no less than two 18-holes golf courses, one of which is a championship course. If you are not an experienced golfer yet, you can go here for golf clinics too, varying from an hour up to a full week. The golf course has a good restaurant with a terrace – great if you are hungry or just want to watch.


Reveal your own Lewis Hamilton on the karting track! You can find several karting tracks in the area surrounding the campsite. Plus the good news is that you can race with the entire family because it's suitable for everyone aged 7 and over. 30 minutes drive from the campsite.


Île de France is not near the sea or any big lakes but it is still possible to enjoy water sports. Canoeing is a good example. All ages can participate during these gentile trips. Enjoy the environment, the mills, the castles and the pristine nature. You will probably be accompanied by wild geese, swans and ducks during your trip. So fairy tale-like and romantic! 
Daily but according to availability. Price: 3 km : 20 €, 6 km : 25 €

Tree climbing

Daily in July and August. Otherwise only available on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Open from 10.00 h. till 17.30 h. 
Price : 15 € for children up to 1m25, 20 € for children up to 1m40, 25 € for adults and children taller than 1m40

Walking and cycling

The flat Île de France is perfect for long walks and cycling trips. There are many walking trails, for both experienced walkers and for those who wish to take it easy. Through fields, stretched forests or Paris itself. Cyclists also have many levels of trails to choose from.

Fitness track

Just a 20 minutes walk from the campsite you can find the beautifully built fitness track 'Promenade de Morins'. In the middle of nature, beside the river and equipped with fitness apparatus for all ages. Here you can have fun and stay fit during the holiday. Local residents organise a run on the track on a regular basis. Why not take the challenge yourself. Beside all the sporting activities, this area is a perfect location for a pleasant picnic.

Vélo Rail du Haut Morin

Vélo Rail du Haut Morin. From the campsite it is about 30 minutes’ drive to Vélo Rail. Discover the marvelous nature of the Haut Morin by bike. But not just any old bike, one on a railway track. Yes, that’s right, on a railway track.  
Don’t worry, this old railway hasn’t been in use for the past 30 years. Now the tracks are used in a sporty way to discover the area from a completely different viewpoint. The bicycles are perfect for the whole family and carry up to 5 people. There are two sets of pedals, so you can take turns. There are various tracks to discover. Please book in advance at the tourist office. 


All activities can be booked at the campsite