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 Camping holiday in Luxembourg

Camping Birkelt

Luxury camping holiday

Luxembourg, a small country, is the last Grand Duchy left in the world. The population of Luxembourg, which is made up mainly of migrants, has ensured that many different influences have been added to its culture. When you think about Luxembourg, you imagine beautiful landscapes, romantic castles and endless cycling and walking trails. However there are also many cultural events which are held annually. In short: a camping holiday in Luxembourg is a versatile holiday with a wide range of options for all ages.



Trips from the campsite in Luxembourg

Because Luxembourg is so small, you can visit the entire country from the camping. Make beautiful walking and cycling tours through nature reserves and enjoy shopping and visiting museums in the city Luxembourg. A visit to Trier, in neighbouring Germany, is another possibility.

Culinary delights

Gastronomy in Luxembourg is a reflection of the mix of different cultures to be found in this country. Dishes from all over the world are combined with local produce. The end result is a wide range of delicious dishes.

 Nature in Luxembourg

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Thanks to its beautiful scenery, the Mullerthal region is also called Luxembourg's Little Switzerland. The fields, forests and impressive rock formations provide a fine backdrop for long walks. The capital city of the Mullerthal, Echternach, is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is famous for its dance procession, held each Tuesday after Pentecost.

Boven-Sûre nature reserve

This nature reserve is located in the Northwest of Luxembourg, in the middle of untouched Ardennes countryside. A gigantic reservoir, which provides drinking water to 70% of the population, is at the centre of this reserve. Produce with the well-known label 'Vum Séi' (from the lake) originate here. These are natural and sustainable products like tea, herbs and even cosmetics.





'Our' nature reserve

This relatively small nature reserve is well-known for its diversity of landscapes. It is a perfect setting for walking and cycling tours. In the nature centre Parc Hosingen Naturpark Haus, nice activities and exhibitions are organised for kids – as you'd expect, all have nature as the subject.

Nature reserve Haff-Remich

In the Moselle region you can find the nature reserve of Haff-Remich. It is also home to the many vineyards where the Luxembourg Moselle wines are produced. This is where Schengen, a village of great historical value, is to be found. The treaty that was signed here means that we can travel within Europe without border checks.

 Culture in Luxembourg

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Castle of Vianden

As you drive into Vianden, you cannot fail to be impressed by the sight of the imposing castle from the Middle Ages that towers over the city. Wander through its halls and chambers with an audio guide and be taken back in time. Every year, during the first week of August, there is a festival to celebrate this medieval castle. A week of performances, medieval games, markets and much more. Don't be surprised if you see a damsel or jester walking by.

City of Luxembourg

The capital city of the Grand Duchy isn't very big, but it has plenty to keep you entertained for one or two days. The big plus is that all of the sights are within walking distance. Alongside all of the cultural activities, there is something else that may come high on your agenda: shopping! On the wide, pedestrianised main streets you have plenty of choice plus, if the weather is not so good, you can pop into the covered shopping centre. Naturally there are many restaurants and cafes where you can relax with a bite to eat or a drink.




Casemates in Luxembourg

Casemates are underground hallways which were used for shelter. They were so well fortified that they even protected everyone from bombs. The casemates date back to 1644 when the Spaniards ruled this area, but they provided protection to thousands of people up until World War Two. Nowadays they are accessible to the public and are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The view from the top of the casements over the city is breathtaking.

Clervaux castle

The castle of Clervaux, a city in the heart of the Ardennes, originates from the 15th century. Its location, up high on a rock, means that you cannot fail to see this castle! It was completely renovated after World War Two and is home to several interesting exhibitions. One such is 'The Family of Man', which is the largest photographic exhibition of all time.

On camping holiday with children

Camping Birkelt

Chairlift in Vianden

Not afraid of heights? Then you should be sure to take a ride on the chairlift in Vianden. Float over this beautiful city and once you're at the top (440m high!) enjoy the fantastic view. From here you can walk to the castle or to the adventure park.

Aquarium Wasserbillig

Admire creatures from the various oceans that are housed in 15 large tanks. For example, look closely at a coral reef, watch how real piranhas feed and check out the large collection of European freshwater fish. Want to find out how a pike catches its prey – then this is the place for you. The play garden is also a nice spot for the children when the weather is kind.




Robbesscheier Museum

The open air museum of Robbesscheier is a museum with much to offer. Beside the exhibition, which tells the story of farming in the past, you can ride a donkey, extract honey, bake bread in a stone oven or take a ride in a carriage. There's an animal zoo where you can actually feed the animals plus an amusement park.

Parc Merveilleux 

This is an unique park. It's a playground, zoo and fairytale forest – all in one! At the playground, kids will love the play garden and the challenging play equipment. In the zoo you can visit a variety of continents and see its inhabitants. In the South-American section you can see crocodiles and monkeys, plus the birds are free to fly around. Very educational and good fun!

Also nice for teenagers

Camping Birkelt

Luxembourg City

For a varied day (or days) take a trip to Luxembourg City. Here you can combine culture, nature and shopping effortlessly. The two main streets are home to a wonderful mix of small boutiques and the famous stores. Make sure to visit the Kazematten, an underground network of corridors that were used for storage, living space and protection during the war.

Lake Echternach

Close to the campsite is Lake Echternach, which offers lots of activities both on and around the water. You can have a go at bouldering (wall climbing), mountain biking (there are bikes for hire), hire pedalos, try roller skating, go to an adventure island and much more. We guarantee you will have a great day here, finished off with a delicious pizza at the local Italian restaurant.




Segway tour

Tours on a Segway are available starting from different locations in Luxembourg. It's a whole new way to discover the surrounding area! The Segway is a dynamic form of transport that uses your body and balance to control it. Thanks to the built-in technology, it's a very safe way to travel. The tours are led by experienced guides who can also tell you everything about the sights you will see.

Castle of Vianden

The castle of Vianden never fails to impress, starting with the trip up to it! The chairlift takes you up to an altitude of 440 meters and provides breathtaking views en route. Inside the castle there are many organised events during the summer, like birds of prey flying displays, medieval fairs and workshops. Have you always dreamed of being a knight or a queen? Come here and you can jump back in time!


Camping Birkelt

National Military Museum

This impressive museum is very informative about World War Two and about what happened in this area during that time. The battle in the Ardennes is explained in detail too. A very educational and interesting day with activities for all ages.

Diekirch beer

This blond lager beer has been brewed in Diekirch since 1871. People in Luxembourg are really proud of this, and that's why there is a beer museum in Diekirch. July each year is when to visit if you want to experience the 5-day beer festival. Cheers!




The Sûre

Starting in Diekirch, the Sûre river offers a wide variety of active excursions. These include canoeing, fishing, hiking and cycling. The combination of natural beauty, excursions on the Sûre and the city's facilities make Diekirch a lovely tourist spot.

Shopping and eating

In the old part of Diekirch there's a pedestrianised zone with a number of shops, restaurants and cafes. Around the central square you can often enjoy open air concerts and folklore in summer. All this while enjoying a Diekirch beer – what more could you ask for.

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