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  • Glamping accommodations, luxury mobile homes: Bali, Waikiki, Tahiti, fully equipped bungalow tents, and pitches.
  • You can arrive on each day of the week
  • Well trained staff
  • Facilities all season opened
  • Animation for all ages
  • low prices and special offers
  • Best value for money


4 locations in France: Pommeuse close to Paris / Disneyland, Atur in the Dordogne, Château De Galaure in the Drôme and Le Ty Nadan in Brittany. Also an additional location in Luxembourg.



You can choose which day you would like to arrive. However, in some cases you may be asked to adjust your dates slightly so as to maximise occupation of our accommodation.



The minimum number of nights differs depending on the type of accommodation and destination. In high season there's normally a minimum stay of three or four nights. In low season it's usually two nights. At Le Chene Gris in Pommeuse and at Birkelt in Luxembourg it is also possible to stay just 1 night.

Your accommodation


The dimensions of the beds vary at each campsite and type of accommodation and can range from 1.80 to 2.00 meters long. Beds in the tents are 1.90 metres and camp beds are 1.80 metres.


These photos are representative of the interior of our accommodation but they do vary from campsite to campsite. They may also have different furniture or upholstery.


This differs at each campsite. Some campsites don't mind, some may charge. However, it is not allowed to exceed the maximum number of people staying in the accommodation. Our operators can provide more details.


At the campsites, only one car can be parked next to the accommodation. Please call one of our operators regarding a second vehilce. In some cases, you may have to park a second or third car in the main parking area and there may be an additional charge, which will be payable to the campsite.


In some cases this will be permitted, but only when it's for one family. Iris Parc accommodation was made for six people, this is why we always have to ask the campsite for permission to allow an extra person in the same unit of accommodation. Our operators can provide more details.


Mobile homes and bungalow tents are equipped for a maximum of six people. In some cases exceptions can be made which will be stated in the special remarks on the campsite page.


The space between the beds is not wide enough for a child's camp bed. However, it may be possible to put one of the beds on it's side to make room for the camp bed.


Yes, every type of Iris Parc accommodation has a set of garden furniture with a parasol. All mobile homes have a standard set which consists of a garden table with 4 chairs and 2 reclining chairs. The tents have the same set plus an extra table (for inside or outside use). Please be aware if there is any change in itinerary this will be indicated in the information above the price panel on each campsite page.



All mobile homes have a heater. Occasionally, on some campsites in warm countries, there may not be a heater in the mobile home. If so, this will be stated in the special remarks. Many campsites have mobile homes with air conditioning and these are symbolised by the 'snowflake' pictogram on the campsite page. However, usage of the air conditioning is not always included in our price. Any extra costs for the air-conditioning will be stated above the campsite price panel at the bottom of the page.


Yes. All mobile home types and the bungalow tents have a fridge with a freezer section.


Although smoking is allowed in our accommodation, we kindly request you not to smoke. Out of respect to the increasing number of non-smokers and the care for our material we would prefer if you could choose to smoke outside.



Yes you can. You can order tickets for Disneyland® Paris and Parc Astérix with us and these will be sent with your ticket pack. It is also possible to buy tickets at the reception of the campsite.


3 weeks before departure to the campsite.


It is normally within 24 to 48 hours after the reservation has been made


The price shown on the website and price list are prices per night per accommodation. There are different periods with prices. In low season there are often special discounts such as 14 nights for the price of 10 and 7 nights for the price of 6 for a stay completed before 04/07 or started after 22/08. However, if your stay covers several price bands, the cheapest nightly price will count as the free nights. When making a pitch reservation please be aware the given price is per night and includes electricity, 2 adults, with space for a car and your own tent or caravan. For extra adults and children we add the cost onto the base price and then multiply by the number of nights you're going to stay at the campsite.
For example: if you take your family on a 14 night holiday to the campsite "Le Chêne Gris" in Pommeuse and stay in a Bali mobile home from 19 June till 3 July the cost would be:
7 nighs for € 59 per night   € 413
7 nights for € 59 per nights € 413
-/- discount (14=7) 7 x €45   € 413 -/-
+ reservation cost € 18
This holiday would cost you € 431


No, you can only request an option by telephone.


Basically, no as the price will remain the same. However, if you have any questions about things you cannot find on the internet site, you can always contact us. You can only place an option on a booking by telephone.


On our website you can reserve up to 3 units of accommodation for the same period at the same campsite (subject to availability). However if your party requires more than 3 units you will have to contact one of our travel consultants.


An accommodation of Iris Parc are always new or nearly new. In general no accommodations is more than 5 years old. Our campsite managers ensure that all accommodation is in perfect condition.



The campsites of Iris Parc will not allow this as the majority cater for families. To avoid any problems on arrival at a campsite it is advisable to contact one of our travel consultants before booking.




Pets are allowed on the campsite, however in mobile homes and bungalow tents pets are never permitted. The extra costs per night can be found at the price tabel of the campsite. During your booking you can mark that you would like to bring along your pet, in most cases the price will be directly added and you will pay in advance. In case no extra costs are added, you'll have to pay at the campsite. 
If you would like to bring more than one pet with you, it would be advisable to contact one of our operators. Please see our website for further details.






Once your payment has been processed, your travel documents and any Michelin road maps, motorway passes and/or theme park tickets will be sent to you 3 weeks before travel.




The accommodation is equipped for 6 people. The only items you will need are towels, tea towels and bed linen. Pillows and blankets are normally provided in the mobile homes. If staying in a tent you will need pillows, sleeping bags or blankets and all bed linen.



In Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia it is vital to have a security vest and a first aid kit in your car. People leaving the car have to wear the security vest in many of these countries. This is now compulsory in more European countries, so we strongly advise you to buy a security vest and first aid kit and have these in your car where you travel. In addition, take a spare pair of glasses in case of emergencies.  Further information about safety rules are available at the tourists office and/or embassy of the country concerned.



In the confirmation of the booking there will be terms of payment, so you know when you have to pay.

In case you book within 9 weeks before departure, a special arrangement will be made. You can pay via internet banking,  debit card, credit card, cash deposit at your bank or a cash deposit at our office.





You may have to pay tourist tax. These are local taxes which may range from € 0,10 to € 1,00 per day per person. When you arrive, you will also be asked for a security deposit which will be returned when you leave on the condition the accommodation is left in a clean and satisfactory condition. Other costs, such as a cleaning charge, air-conditioning and bed linen will be mentioned in the special remarks section of the campsite page if relevant.


At the campsite


When you arrive at the campsite go to the reception. They are very helpful and will provide you with any information you may need and will show you to your accommodation.


Your deposit will be returned to you if your accommodation is left in a clean and satisfactory state. You need to leave your accommodation in same condition of arrival. Some campsites have a cleaning fee but this will be stated in the special remarks section on the campsite page if relevant.



Every campsite has its own set of rules, which must be adhered to. The swimming pool area must be kept safe and there will be a set of rules which must be obeyed. In Italy, some of the campsites state a bathing cap must be worn. In some Bermuda-style swimming shorts may not be permitted. Please be aware that the swimming pool may sometimes close in afternoons for the siesta period. For more information please check the extra information section on the website about your chosen campsite or contact one of our travel consultants.



The main facilities such as the swimming pool are often open for the whole season. However, in low season, some facilities may not be available or may be limited. In particular, the campsite's shop and the restaurant may only be open in high season. We do state when a specific facility will be open on the campsites page. In some cases some facilities may close in the afternoon for the siesta period.



The team the campsite has selected by often speak several languages. You can check the languages spoken at a campsite on the extra information section on our website, or you may ask one of our operators.







Normally arrival is usually between 15.00 and 19.00 and departure is usually between 08.00 and 10.00.

The exact arrival and departure times will be stated in your ticket pack.



Usually the car can be parked next to the accommodation. If you want to park more than one car next to the accommodation, you will have to contact one of our operators as we will have to ask permission from the campsite management. The campsite may charge extra for a second or third car.





Once at the campsite you will have to pay tourist tax. This is a local tax that may vary from €0,10 to €1,00 per person per day.

After your holiday



Yes, Iris Parc will book your chosen campsite and dates, however we will ask for € 200 deposit. We will inform you when the prices have been released and then you can decide whether to confirm your booking or cancel it. If you cancel, we will refund your deposit.