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Parc Astérix

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Parc Astérix

Go back 2000 years in time and visit the only village in Gaul that bravely resisted the Roman rulers. Strange guys these Romans...
You can but tickets at the campsite reception. You don't need to queue at the ticket desk, leaving you more time to enjoy yourself!

The village of Asterix and Obelix
Around 2000 years ago Gaul (originally the name of France) was occupied by the Roman general Caesar's soldiers. All of Gaul? No, a small settlement bravely resisted the usurpers and made life difficult for the Romans in the surrounding army camps...

This small settlement was where Astérix and Obelix were born and lived. The village is recontructed in “Parc Asterix” and is located to the east of Paris, with its own exit from the A1 motorway. In the parc you will find typical houses with thatched roofs, as seen in the comics, amongst the spectacular and exiting attractions, including shows for young and old. 

Route description: Le Chêne Gris - Parc Astérix:

  • A4 exit 16: Coulommiers / Crécy
  • N34 direction Coulommiers / Crécy
  • A4 direction Marne-la-Vallee / Paris / Charles de Gaulle  
  • A104 (La Francillienne) direction Charles de Gaulle / Lille 
  • After ± 30 kilometers at A1 exit Parc Asterix. The exit is situated between exits 7 and 8

Travel time: ± 55 minutes (78 km by car)